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Christine Miles

Summer in Winter Wonderland

Summer in Winter Wonderland

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“Christine Miles is one of my favorite YA writers! I'm loving this new book - another spunky heroine with cool, interesting friends...And did I mention the romance?” - Amazon Review

Can a high school junior solve a missing persons case over 100 years old? At a new school? And (ideally) get a new boyfriend? Summer Pierce is clever, stubborn, and empowered enough to say “yes.”

Summer made headlines at her last school for reporting the truth…and it turned her life into a HUGE, forgettable mess. She doesn’t usually back down from a challenge, but now she’s a new student in Winter Wonderland, Colorado. Great.

Except maybe this time things will be great.

Determined to make headlines the right way as the newest reporter for the Wonderland High Tidings school newspaper, she assembles a small group of colorful new friends (affectionately dubbed “The Nancy Drew Crew”) and takes on the town’s oldest and most scandalous mystery: What happened to the town’s missing founder, anyway?

Mystery, drama, tension, twists, and an unforgettable cold case investigation! Click “Add to Cart today!”

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