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Christine Miles

Passion Under the Microscope

Passion Under the Microscope

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A single biology teacher who’s sworn off men can keep it friendly with a hot doctor…or can she?

It’s been six months since Tanith Kerrigan decided to embrace singlehood for one reason—to be nothing like the woman she calls Deandra. Also known as her mother. When Tanith badly sprains her ankle while trying to photograph birds in a…naughty…moment, magnetic Dr. Luke Caldwell offers his expertise and more. But having Dr. Temptation around isn’t the type of medicine she wants or needs in her life.

A single sports medicine doctor can control his crush on a captivating teacher…or can he?

For six months, Luke Caldwell has been fighting serious interest in a woman who doesn’t like him…as well as desiring more than big city life. But after Tanith injures her ankle, he seizes an opportunity to help her outside the examination room. Surely the fine high school teacher will warm up to him after spending time together? Before Luke can process what little armor Tanith lowers, his practice is hit with a colossal problem that could ruin everything he’s built.

As Tanith and Luke ease into the realm of possibilities, they find themselves up against individuals who force them to face what they want and need most.

Brains, quips, and brawn continue to merge beyond the classroom in Passion Under the Microscope, Book Two in the Smart is Seriously Sexy Series.

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