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Christine Miles

Me, Shakespeare and the Anti-Love Club

Me, Shakespeare and the Anti-Love Club

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“I loved the characters, the story line, and could relate to so much of what happened and all the crazy mouthiness.” - Five-Star Amazon Review

Romance and gossip abound in this flirty, fun, second-chance rom-com, perfect for young adults looking to swoon. Brace yourself for some major drama (pun intended, of course).

Last year, Kassidy wouldn’t have imagined founding her high school’s first-ever Anti-Love Club. Then again, she also wouldn’t have imagined finding her athletic (now ex) boyfriend Justin getting cozy with Sloane, her biggest theater department competition. Thankfully, things start to look up when Kassidy gets her dream role as Juliet in her school’s fall production of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet.

Maybe this year won’t be so chaotic after all? LOL. Just kidding.

Sloane and Justin—Wait, Justin? Shouldn’t he be at soccer practice?—land roles in the play, too. Now things are officially awkward. Let’s just hope Justin doesn’t have to fulfill his duties as Romeo’s understudy...

Whether you’re a theater geek at heart or just looking for a whirlwind of addictive romance, you can’t miss this juicy start to The Pacifica Academy Drama Series. Click “Add to Cart” today!

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